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Welcome to the
North Bay Builders Exchanges Insurance Trust (NBBE) website

NBBE is a partnership between many local North Coast, Marin and Bay Area builders exchanges and employers.

The NBBE Insurance Trust was formed in order to simplify the complexities of healthcare by offering one complete program focusing on quality options and affordable solutions.

The Insurance Trust Offers:


Freedom of choice

Anthem and Kaiser medical, as well as dental, vision, life and disability options

Extensive doctor, hospital and medical providers


Guaranteed rates


Dedicated service and support


Educational resources


Cobra/Cal-Cobra Administration

What You’ll Find

This website contains several tools and resources that we hope will give both participants and those interested in joining the trust a thorough understanding of the benefits available through the NBBE insurance trust.

Those interested in joining the insurance trust, can subscribe to the NBBE benefits newsletters, request quotes, and find contact information for participating associations.

If you have any questions about the NBBE Insurance Trust please contact the NBBE Benefits Desk. The NBBE Benefits Desk contact information can be found below.

Email Us: nbbebenefits@alliant.com

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We hope to help you be well today and work toward a healthy and secure future!

Current NBBE Insurance Trust Members

Bay Area Builders Exchange

Marin Builders Association

North Coast Builders Exchange